120 Photo Crosswords answers.

Check how much you are smart and savvy. Before you one picture and a grid where you want to paste the letters. By clicking on the image, it increases in size and you can view the details. Words must be associated with a photo and approached the table. The twenty-four application level decisions on five each.

Steps to help reflect and include logic. A good trainer for the brain hemispheres, the toy allows you to kill the extra leisure time pleasant and helpful. Player awaits colorful graphics and intuitive interface, where you can change the language to Russian, English, French, German and others. Invented and fashioned a game developer Nebo Apps. Download puzzle can be in the Play Store or the Appstore for free.

I will be adding to the passage of the photo to make it easier to find the right option.

120 Photo Crosswords answers all levels.

Level 1.


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